Ruta del ferrocarril - A Pontenova to San Tirso de Abres


If you are staying at Granero del Burro and want an easy, but interesting walk, then this is the perfect answer. You can make it as long or short as you want but the full distance between San Tirso de Abres and A Pontenova is 12 kilometres (so 24km there and back). It follows the route of the old railway line that opened in 1905. It used to take the iron ore from the mines near A Pontenova to be loaded on to the boats in Ribadeo. You can still see the 'cargadero' in Ribadeo. 


The walk follows the course of the River Eo and has 6km in Asturias and then 6km in Galicia. If you walk the full distance, you go through six tunnels which are lit by lights powered by solar panels. They vary in length from 60 to 230 metres and are great fun! It is best to start in San Tirso and you can park by the bridge that crosses the river. If you don't want to walk, then you can always hire a bike and cycle the route. Bikes can be hired from Eo Activo which is just by the car park.


The walk (or bike ride) is easy as it is flat and a good surface. Towards A Pontenova it become tarmac. There is a Salmon Ladder along the route as well as a couple of suspension bridges, a canal (the opposite side of the river) and a small Hydro electric power station. If you are tired when you have finished then you can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool in San Tirso, which is free. It is open in July and August.


Ferreira - idyllic spot in Asturias


This is the perfect place to spend a Summer's day relaxing. It is in a beautiful setting next to the river and there are only ever a few people there. There are a few picnic tables and in the Summer months, you can buy soft drinks and rent canoes. Click here for directions from Trabada.


Park at the top of the hill and walk down to the river. The river is like a millpond so it is canoeing for novices. There are single and double canoes. The river leads round to a small dam so you can paddle around here just absorbing the tranquility and listening to the birds. Paradise! 


Ferreira is about 10 minutes from Santa Eulalia de Oscos. This is also a beautiful little town and weel worth stopping off for a drink or coffee on the way there or back. Click here for more information on Santa Eulalia de Oscos


If you prefer to have a more adventurous day, then you can use this as a starting point for a nice walk. There are paths that go either way from the bridge down by the river. You can always have your picnic here when you are finished!!

Coastal path - Las Catedrales to Ribadeo, Galicia

Coastal path

A new coastal path has been completed this year and it means that you can walk the full 16km between Las Catedrales (Cathedral's beach) and Ribadeo. It is a mainly flat walk which meanders around the coast and uses a mixture of the tiny coast road (very quiet) and a newly created footpath. It is called the 'ruta de la costa' and is great because you can just do the bit of it that you want. You don't have to do the whole distance.

Coastal path 1

Click here for a map of the route. You can start at Las Catedrales, the beach famous for its rock arches, and walk east towards Ribadeo. There is quite a bit of the route on the road but other than the beaches, it is pretty quiet. Alterntively you can park in the picnic area at Rinlo (campo do cristo) and walk east. This part of the walk is mainly on the coastal path. The only bit on the road is as you leave Rinlo. You can either take a picnic or eat in one of the 4 great restaurants in Rinlo.

Coastal path 2

Probably the best place to park is between Rinlo and Ribadeo where there ae a couple of dilapidated buildings (an old toilet block and some sort of shelter). From here you can walk east (towards Ribadeo) or west (towards Rinlo. If you walk east, the path meanders around lots of secluded rocky bays with lots of flowers and wildlife. Look out for the Tongue Orchids in June. There are also a couple of ancient forts this way with description boards telling you all about them. 

Coastal path 3

A final option is to park at Rinlo and walk towards las Catedrales (west). Not far from Rinlo you come to the cetaria de Rinlo. This is an old shellfish farm which is worth a look at. Look out for the nice brown donkey in the little village just after the shellfish farm.

Seimeira waterfall (cascada de Seimeira), Santa Eulalia de Oscos, Asturias


If you are staying at Granero del Burro and want to combine a nice day out, with fantastic scenery and a pleasant walk, then this is a great suggestion. Head for Santa Eulalia de Oscos in Asturias which is about a 45 minute drive. You will climb out of Vegadeo and keep on climbing.........and climbing, right up to 877 metres (just under 3000 feet). Stop and look back to the coast at the La Garganta viewpoint. On a clear day you can see Ribadeo and the bridge crossing the estuary.

View from La Garganta

Continue on to Santa Eulalia de Oscos and have a coffee in the main bar in the village. It combines as the local store and is a great place to have a nose around. Then head back to the little roundabout and take the turning for Pumares. Park at the little hamlet of Pumares which has been beautifully restored. Click here for a map


The walk to the waterfall is a lovely walk through old Oak woods, past old abandoned houses and a little mill. The waterfall is 5km from the hamlet so you can take a picnic or have a nice lunch in Santa Eulalia de Oscos when you get back. Have a look here for a suggestion for lunch. There is a nice wooded area just before the waterfall with picnic tables. You can have a look at more pictures from the walk here.

Santa Eulalia de Oscos

La Cerca - Santa Eulalia (5)

Santa Eulalia de Oscos is a beautiful village in the Asturian hills about 45 minutes away from Granero del burro. It is one of the 3 'Oscos' villages - San Martín de Oscos and Villanueva de Oscos are the other two. It is well worth a visit as there are many walks from there and the drive to get there passes through some spectacular countryside. In particular the views from La Garganta back to the coast are wonderful.

La Cerca - Santa Eulalia

In Santa Eulalia itself you can park at the top of the hill and there is a wonderful bar on the left. In it there is a shop where you can get your daily supplies as well as buy some walking boots. Have a look at the typical tables that pull down from the wall on each side of the door as you go in.

At the bottom of the hill is a fantastic restaurant called La Cerca. It a parilla (grill) and serves fantastic food in wonderful surroundings. The Caldo Gallego is typical food of the area (despite its origins in Galicia).

Caldo Gallego

Walking in Asturias - Pesoz

View of Pesoz
Pesoz is a beautiful little village in the Asturian hills about 1 hours' drive from Granero del burro. Click here for a map of Pesoz. There is a wonderful round walk which takes about 4 hours (walking slowly) and meanders its way up and down the hills and along the river side in the valley bottom. Click here for a map of the walk.

River near Pesoz

On the way back to Pesoz there is the Molino de Sequeiros which is a beautiful old mill next to the river. Inside it is still intact and next to it is a beautiful plunge pool which would be great for a Summer dip. There is even a picnic table here!

Molino de Sequeiros

When you get back to Pesoz there is a fantastic little restaurant called As Cortes which serves great traditional food at very low prices. Last Saturday, the Menu del dia was €12 each!! After a late lunch you can visit the abandoned village of Argul nearby. There are only about a dozen houses and most of them were abandoned many years ago. A few have been restored but it is both a sad and interesting place.


If you want to make it a really full day you can then go and have a look at the dam at Grandas de Salime. There were some Crag Martins nesting under the dam wall and a pair of Choughs overhead. It is hugely impressive and you can see all the remnants of the buildings that were built during its construction. There is a nice bar nearby to have a drink at the end of the day.

Dam at Grandas de Salime

Beaches in Asturias

La Paloma beach 
Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to go and visit some of the fantastic beaches in Asturias. The Asturian coast is only 20 minutes from Granero del burro.

The first beach we stopped at is a tiny one called La Paloma. This is near Tapia de Casariego and yesterday was idyllic. There was no-one there and it was so warm you could have sat and had a picnic.

Serantes beach 
The second beach we visited is Serantes beach. This is nearer to Ribadeo and is a bit bigger. Here we had a picnic in the sunshine and watched all the Gulls splashing around in the water. In the Summer there is a bar at this beach.

Penarronda (3) 
The third beach we called in at is Penarronda. This is a huge beach and is extremely popular in the Summer months. Yesterday it was deserted except for one family. There were Zitting Cisticolas all over the place as well as a pond full of frogs calling. In the adjacent fields there were both Cattle and Little Egrets. Here there is also a bar in Summer.

Arnao beach 
The last beach we visited is Arnao beach where there were Curlews and Golden Plover flying around overhead. This is in the mouth of the Eo estuary and sits on the opposite side to Ribadeo. It is a steep walk down to the beach but well worthwhile. There are some fantastic huge caves in the rocks. About half a kilometre away is a great picinic area with built in barbecues, chairs and tables. Once again in Summer there is a bar here!!

All in all a fantstic day and hard to believe it is still February. This is worth bearing in mind for holidays during the Winter months - you can enjoy wonderful beach days even at this time of year.

Walking in Galicia and Asturias

Cascada de Cioyo 
The area around Trabada is fantastic for walking at all times of the year. If you are staying on a luxury self catering holiday at 'Granero del burro' then you have access to many wonderful walks in both Galicia and Asturias.

In January we went to the Cioyo waterfall - cascada de cioyo. There are 2 nice waterfalls and lots of deep pools which are nice to swim in in Summer. It was however, beautiful in the Winter, and deserted. Get directions here.

Small waterfall at Cioyo 
On the way back from the waterfall you can stop for a drink or lunch at the Casa Jano in Pianton. It serves wonderful tapas (free) on Sunday lunches. We had whole grilled Langoustines!!


Castropol - Asturias


On a windy but pleasant October day we walked from Figueras to Castropol and back (about 8 miles). Figueras is about 20 minutes from 'Granero del burro', Castropol slightly less. They are both on the Eastern side of the Eo estuary which forms the border between Asturias and Galicia. If you do the walk form Figueras you can have a nice lunch in the port area of Castropol - Rison is a lovely little restaurant to eat in.

The Eo estuary is a fantastic place for wildlife and during the Winter months there are thousands of ducks - Wigeon, Teal, Pintail and Mallard. In October there were a few Spoonbills, lots of Little Egrets, Whimbrel, Grey Plover, Spotted Redshank, Black Tailed Godwit, Greenshank, Mediterranean Gull and a few late Sandwich Terns. It is always worth a look as there are lots of birds that turn up here on migration

Eo estuary