Food and Drink

Villaronta - Ribadeo


Villaronta is a restaurant in Ribadeo which has become famous for its Octopus. It serves it in the traditional Galician style which is boiled, cut and served on a wooden platter with oil and Cayenne Pepper. It has recently been completely renovated and extended. It is open all year.


In addition to the Octopus on the menu, there are Queenie Scallops in their shells, Shellfish croquettes, Mussels, baby Squid and 'big' Squid. It is very informal and you would order dishes to share. That way you get to taste a bit of everything. 


Pazo de Tovar restaurant


The Pazo de Tovar restaurant is just outside Vilanova de Lourenzá and is about 15 minutes from Granero del Burro. It is open from Easter until the end of October. It is set in the Fortaleza de Tovar which has been restored. There are still 3 of the 4 towers remaining. You can take a guided tour around the fortress which lasts about an hour - it is well worth it and is a good way to work lunch off! The food is fantastic and varies day by day. If there is anything you particularly want, then just ask for it when you book. They can cater for small or large groups, as well as private parties. There is also a small shop where you can buy souvenirs. It is well worth the day out especially if you want to celebrate something.





Menos Mal - Playa de Porcía, Asturias


Menos Mal opened in 2016 and has just completed its second year. It is run buy an enthusiastic couple who have travelled abroad to gain inspiration for the food. It is based on the sea but has influences from other parts of the world as well as Spain. It is set above the beautiful beach of Porcía and has fantastic views out over the sea and along the Asturian coastline.


There are Anchovies, Octopus, Clams, Hake, Giant Prawns, Tuna, Paella, Salt Cod, Squid and lots of local produce to accompany these. Influences from Thailand and Sicily add to the enjoyment.


It is about 40 minutes from Granero del Burro but is well worth a visit. You can combine it with a visit to Tapia de Casariego which has a lovely port area. The beach at Porcía is also very relaxing if you just want to chill out.


51st feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2014

Feria de muestras

The 51st feria de muestras took place in Vegadeo last weekend and was blessed with some nice weather. There were good crowds and it is great family entertainment during the day. It costs 3€ to get in and for this you can gain access to hundreds of stalls selling local produce, all the restaurants and bars, the agricultural machinery show and the animals. This year there were horses with their foals and huge bulls!

Feria de muestras - 2014 011

After wandering around all the stalls you will be ready for something to eat and drink. The usual selection of eateries were available with the best one being from Lugo. There was churrasco (pork ribs), criollo (sausage), chorizo, Padron peppers, grilled chicken and Octopus. It is the same menu in each tent (restaurant) so it is very much down to what they cook it over (charcoal or Oak) and who serves it. A nice waitress who spoke very good English looked after our table!

Feria de muestras - 2014 016

Click here for a youtube video clip of the feria.

After 10.00pm the focus changes to music and this year the music on Friday night was provided by local bands from Vegadeo. Saturday and Sunday nights had the usual mix of 'orquestas' which are a bit like our showbands with a Spanish flavour. This year the feria closed with a set from Assia

Feria de muestras - 2014

Galicia is still a wonderful place in the Autumn

Sunbathing horses

Galicia is part of the Costa verde which in English means 'Green Coast'. Unsurprisingly, it is called this because it gets its fair share of rain. However, this is far less than you would get in an average year in the UK and so the Autumn and Winter months can be just as rewarding for those of you that enjoy the great outdoors. This year has been particularly pleasant in October and November with warm sunshine in October and cold, dry, frosty days in November. This was interspersed with some terrific gales at the back end of October which produced some spectacular crashing waves on the coast.

Waves at Rinlo

Rinlo, which is 25 minutes from Granero del Burro, is a particularly good place to watch the waves crashing onto the shore. When the conditions are right, they can come right over the harbour wall. Rinlo is also a great place to eat so even if the weather isn't great you can eat very well. Click here to read about the restaurants in Rinlo.

View from Yenka restaurant

Another great restaurant to try is Yenka which is on the coast just half an hour from the barn. Its menu of the day is €12,50 and this includes a 3 course meal with coffee, bread and wine/beer. It has fantastic views out over the beach to the sea and is open all year. This year their menu has included Grilled Sea Bass and Sea Bream which is unusual to see on a menu del dia.

Galician beach

So don't be put off by the time of the year. It is a great place to come all year round, and the benefit of coming out of season is that you have the place to yourselves. If you enjoy fresh air, food and generally relaxing, then Galicia is a great Spring and Autumn destination.

Fiesta de San Marcos - 25th April 2013

Trabada fiesta 006

The fiesta of San Marcos is on the 25th April every year. It is one of the few fiestas that is date specific, so this year it was on a Thursday. It takes place at A Cadeira which is on the road between Trabada and Lourenzana and only 10 minutes from the self catering at Granero del Burro. There is a beautiful little chapel and an area of open land at the top of the hill. This year was a fantastic day with blue skies and sun. There was a good turnout of folk who seem to use it as an excuse to just get together and natter.

Trabada fiesta 012

There were the usual collection of stalls selling everything from belts to slippers, and tee shirts to shoes. There were also a good selection of stalls selling local food products. There was a cheese to die for! The fiesta is also well known for its horses and donkeys. There were lots of both and if you were brave enough to ask, they are for sale! There were some beautiful horses and several had their foals with them.

Trabada fiesta 024

The 'hora de Vermuth' (hour of the Sweet Martini literally) was very busy with everyone enjoying the sunshine and a glass of the red stuff. The band 'Jerusalen' played for about an hour and a few of the elder folk had a little dance. After this it was time for that very Spanish indulgence.........lunch. This is in a tent in the middle of the field and the menu is usually pretty much the same. Octopus, boiled Ham, Pork Ribs, big tasty sausages, Padrón Peppers (try and get a hot one!) and lots of bread. Washed down with a bottle of local red or white, and that's it - the local fiesta!

Trabada fiesta 018

Trabada fiesta 015 Trabada fiesta 007

Luarca, Asturias

Luarca port

Luarca is a pretty little fishing town half way between Granero del Burro and Asturias airport. It has some nice shops and sells plenty of typical Asturian produce. It is however probably best known for its wonderful restaurants around the port. They all specialise in seafood and shellfish, but probably the best one is the Mesón de la mar. It is a striking building on the far side of the port, but is worth the walk. Don't eat in the restaurant - it is much more fun in the bar. You can watch the crabs trying to clamber out of their huge tank in the middle of the bar.

Mesón de la mar

It is a great place to stop for lunch if you are on your way back to the airport. You can also have a day out in Luarca without taking the car. If you go to Vegadeo from Granero del Burro, you can catch the Feve train. This is the narrow guage railway that runs along the north coast of Galicia and Asturias. It stops everywhere and is not for anyone in a hurry, but the views of the sea and coastline are spectacular. Click here to view the timetable


Agricultural fair in Vegadeo, Asturias 2012

Feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2012
The 'feria de muestras' is an annual event in Vegadeo. This is a medium sized town which sits at the bottom of the Eo estuary on the Asturias/Galicia border. The agricultural fair is combined with the town's musical fiesta, so there are animals and farm machinery during the day, and music and dancing by night.

Feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2012 (10)

It costs €3 to get in and you can wander round lots of farm machinery as well as lots of stalls selling local produce. There are local crafts and home produced food, and the best bit is that all the stalls let you taste their produce. A great appetizer before lunch!! And of course there are plenty of places to eat the usual fayre - Octopus, Chorizo, Criollo sausages, boiled ham, grilled Pork rib and Padron Peppers.

Feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2012 (5)

The animals are always a great favourite and this year, in addition to the huge collection of cows and bulls, there were horses with their foals, pigs and piglets and several puppies. Sadly there were no donkeys this year! There is a show parade for the huge bulls with prizes for the best turned out.

Feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2012 (7)

This year the 'feria de muestras' coincided with the flower carpets in Castropol, but this is not always the case as the date for Corpus Christi move each year. Next year Corpus Christi is on the 30th May (Thursday) so the flower carpets will be on the 2nd June. The agricultural fair and fiesta in Vegadeo will be the following week. This will help you plan your stay at Granero del Burro.

Tapas week in Ribadeo, Galicia, 2012

Tapas booklet

Last week was the 7th year of the annual tapas week in Ribadeo. 51 bars and restaurants participated this year and the winner was La Dorada with a Beef roll in a Pistachio sauce. All tapas were €1.30 each. You can have a look at all the establishments involved and their offerings here

Tapas stamp card

As with each year, there is a card that goes with the week. Each tapa that you buy entitles you to a stamp from that bar or restaurant. If you get 21 or more then you can vote for your favourite tapa. The event was over 10 days this year so you need to have 5 tapas per day if you are to taste them all. If you manage all 51 then your card is entered in a draw for some good prizes!! Have a look here for last year's Ribadeo Tapeo.

If you are planning a trip to Galicia next year for a self catering holiday, tapas week is during May. Next year it should be at the beginning of May.

New restaurant opens in Ribadeo, Galicia

La Quinta restaurant

A new restaurant has recently opened in Ribadeo and it well worth a visit if you are staying at Granero del Burro, the luxury self catering accommodation in Trabada, Galicia, Northern Spain. It is a 'parilla' (Grill) and is the only one in central Ribadeo. The building that it is in is an old Carpenter's factory and they have retained the old glass ceiling from it.

La Quinta

It is a wonderful airy building that has been restored very sympathetically. It has huge windows looking out over the back streets of Ribadeo, and 2 enormous diagrams on the walls explaining the various cuts of meat of both a pig and a bull. The bar is long and thin with designer graffiti behind it, and is a great place to go for just a drink. The toilets have an interesting feature - a huge copper pot as a sink!

Cuts of meat picture

The food is great with a good selection of both meat and fish. The 'Churrasco' (pork ribs) are a must and the Pulpo a la plancha (grilled Octopus) is fantastic too. The fillet steak is another divine treat! The grill is in the restaurant so you can watch them prepare your meal. The waiters and waitresses are extremely helpful and friendly.

Graffiti behind bar

There is another 'La Quinta' in Foz but the one is Ribadeo must form part of a visit to the town.