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Gastronomic fiesta of 'enfariñada' - Trabada


On Sunday 6th May, a new fiesta took place in Trabada. It was designed to celebrate a local speciality called 'enfariñada'. Enfariñada is a pancake like mixture of eggs, flour, salt and water which is poured into hot oil in a frying pan. As it starts to set, it is then chopped up into tiny pieces so that it can be eaten in a bowl with either bacon (savoury) or with honey (sweet). 


The ladies of the village lined up behind their cooking stoves and prepared the enfariñada from midday onwards. It was a beautiful day and as the people arrived in their hundreds, they just kept cooking and cooking and cooking. They were still cooking at 4 o'clock in the afternoon! For 4€, you got a special pottery bowl full of sweet or savoury enfariñada.


There was traditional Galician music while people were arriving and eating and then later in the afternoon, there was a 'fado' duo. This music is typical in Portugal and was beautiful on a sunny Spring afternoon. All in all a very successful 'new' fiesta. For more photos of the day have a look here




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