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November 2017

Pazo de Tovar restaurant


The Pazo de Tovar restaurant is just outside Vilanova de Lourenzá and is about 15 minutes from Granero del Burro. It is open from Easter until the end of October. It is set in the Fortaleza de Tovar which has been restored. There are still 3 of the 4 towers remaining. You can take a guided tour around the fortress which lasts about an hour - it is well worth it and is a good way to work lunch off! The food is fantastic and varies day by day. If there is anything you particularly want, then just ask for it when you book. They can cater for small or large groups, as well as private parties. There is also a small shop where you can buy souvenirs. It is well worth the day out especially if you want to celebrate something.





Menos Mal - Playa de Porcía, Asturias


Menos Mal opened in 2016 and has just completed its second year. It is run buy an enthusiastic couple who have travelled abroad to gain inspiration for the food. It is based on the sea but has influences from other parts of the world as well as Spain. It is set above the beautiful beach of Porcía and has fantastic views out over the sea and along the Asturian coastline.


There are Anchovies, Octopus, Clams, Hake, Giant Prawns, Tuna, Paella, Salt Cod, Squid and lots of local produce to accompany these. Influences from Thailand and Sicily add to the enjoyment.


It is about 40 minutes from Granero del Burro but is well worth a visit. You can combine it with a visit to Tapia de Casariego which has a lovely port area. The beach at Porcía is also very relaxing if you just want to chill out.