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Lúa - Penarronda, Asturias


Lúa (which means 'moon' in Asturian) is a fantastic beach bar and restaurant adjacent to the beach at Penarronda, Asturias. It is about 25 minutes from the self catering accommodation at Granero del Burro. There is a lovely menu with the best Cachopo (Pork slices filled with Ham and Cheese) in the area. Other things on the menus include Anchovies with Cheese and Peppers, Squid, and some lovely salads.


Arturo and his sister will look after you with true Asturian hospitality. The bar is just 2 minutes from Penarronda beach itself which is one of the best known in the area. You can eat inside or out and it is open from June until the end of September (longer if weather permits).


The beach is huge and is very busy during the Summer months. There is a surf school during July and August. Penarronda means 'round rock' and you can see why from the picture above.



Heritage museum in Trabada


There is a little known museum in Trabada which although not publicised, is open to the public. The owner will gladly show you around his labyrinth of artefacts which include old farm machinery, clothes, bicycles, sewing machines and a classroom representing a school from the Franco era.


Trabada is only 5 minutes away from Granero del Burro and we can organise a trip around the museum for you. It is completely free although people normally leave a donation. There is quite a lot of the old farm machinery from Granero del Burro in the museum which the owner was happy to restore and look after. We are happy to come with you to help translate.



Ribadeo Indiano


Ribadeo Indiano is a big fiesta in Ribadeo that is now in its 4th year. It takes place on the second weekend in July and it is well worth planning your self catering holiday around it. Everybody gets dressed up in Central American costumes from around the turn of the century. You would think that you were in downtown Havana on a Saturday night!!


The fiesta celebrates the Galician emigrants who left Galicia around the turn of the century to seek their fortune in the Americas. They mainly went to Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Mexico. When they retuned with their wealth they built elaborate buildings with the architectural influences from the Americas. There are many fine example of these buildings in Ribadeo.


In addition to everyone getting dressed up, there are lots of concerts in the streets, bands playing traditional music, all the shops are decorated, there are street markets and generally it is great fun for people of all generations. 

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Eu son Eo festival - July 2017


Eu son Eo is a new festival in Ria de Abres and 2017 was its second year. Eu son Eo is a play on words - Eu son means "I am" in Galician and Eo is the name of the river next to which the festival takes place. It took place this year over the first weekend in July and it is more like an English festival than a Spanish fiesta.


There was an open air market with lots of stalls selling local produce. Anything from bread, leather products and jewellery to local cider, ceramics and ecological products. There was a 'Pulperia' which is an open air restaurant offering Octopus, cooked Ham, Chorizo, Padron Peppers and Churrasco (Pork Ribs). In addition there was a bar, paddle boarding and canoe trips on the river, music and artisan workshop showing how to make things. 


In the evening there was music. It started about 6.00pm and carried on until 4.00am!! The headliners were a Dire Straits tribute band called "bROTHERS iN bAND'. They were very good and it was very atmospheric with playing under a beautiful starlit night. And all of this for free!!




Castropol flower carpets - 2017


The Castropol flower carpets in 2017 were stunning!! This year they were on Sunday the 18th June, but the date changes each year in relation to Easter. They are on the Sunday of Corpus Christi. In 2018 they will be on the 3rd June so if you want to see them it is worth planning your self catering holiday with this in mind. 


They are created by the ladies in Castropol and the carpets have become famous in Spain with people travelling hundreds of miles to come and see them. Although they are called 'flower' carpets, they use a wide range of products to create them. Rice, coloured sawdust, coffee grounds, sand, salt and many other things are used as well as flower petals, reeds and eucalyptus nuts.


The ladies create the carpets during the night so you can go and look at them during the Sunday morning. Get there early to avoid the crowds. There is a mass around midday and once the service is over, there is a procession around the village and the carpets are trampled. By evening, you wouldn't know anything had been there!! When it is all too much for you, you can grab a coffee in Peña Mar.