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Ribadeo Indiano

Ribadeo Indiano

Last weekend saw the first Ribadeo Indiano fiesta. It is to celebrate all the Galician people who left for Central and South America around the turn of the century and then came back to Galicia with their fortune. In Ribadeo there are many classic houses built by these people. They are usually very big and ornate. Ribadeo has just launched a numbered route of all these houses. Click here to see some of them

Casa de Indianos

The fiesta itself was blessed with some good warm Galician weather. An amazing number of people got dressed up in the traditional costume of the period and Ribadeo looked a bit like Havana in the 1920's. All the bars and shops got into the spirit of things, decorating their properties and serving a variety of food and drink from the Americas. There was a very nice street market and in the evening there was a wonderful concert with traditional music. The bandstand in the main square was decorated with lanterns and felt very South American

Ribadeo Indiano 2

The children were all dressed up as well and there were percussion bands in the streets during the afternoon. There were dancing classes, presentations in the theatre and there were competitions for best fancy dress. All in all there was something for everyone. You can have a look at all the picures from the weekend here

Percussion band

This was the inaugural fiesta so it is planned to hold it again next year when it should be bigger and even better. It will be held sometime in early to mid July. It would be a good time to come to Galicia for a self catering holiday

Ribadeo Indiano