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51st feria de muestras - Vegadeo 2014

Feria de muestras

The 51st feria de muestras took place in Vegadeo last weekend and was blessed with some nice weather. There were good crowds and it is great family entertainment during the day. It costs 3€ to get in and for this you can gain access to hundreds of stalls selling local produce, all the restaurants and bars, the agricultural machinery show and the animals. This year there were horses with their foals and huge bulls!

Feria de muestras - 2014 011

After wandering around all the stalls you will be ready for something to eat and drink. The usual selection of eateries were available with the best one being from Lugo. There was churrasco (pork ribs), criollo (sausage), chorizo, Padron peppers, grilled chicken and Octopus. It is the same menu in each tent (restaurant) so it is very much down to what they cook it over (charcoal or Oak) and who serves it. A nice waitress who spoke very good English looked after our table!

Feria de muestras - 2014 016

Click here for a youtube video clip of the feria.

After 10.00pm the focus changes to music and this year the music on Friday night was provided by local bands from Vegadeo. Saturday and Sunday nights had the usual mix of 'orquestas' which are a bit like our showbands with a Spanish flavour. This year the feria closed with a set from Assia

Feria de muestras - 2014