Galicia is still a wonderful place in the Autumn
LD Lines

The A8 motorway is nearly finished!!

Puente de los Santos

At long last the A8 motorway along the top of Northern Spain has opened its latest section. This now means that you can get from Asturias airport to the self catering barn, Granero del Burro in just over an hour with the majority of it being on the motorway. Unlike the UK, the motorway here is only 2 lanes wide, but there is virtually no traffic on it. You do not have to factor in traffic jams!!!!

Asturian coast

The motorway itself takes a very scenic route with the sea visible for most of the journey on the one side and the Asturian hills on the other. It passes through rural Asturias and you get a good impression of how people live here, with their big houses and smallholdings with a few animals and big vegetable gardens. You also quickly see why this area is called La Costa Verde (Green Coast) as everything is very green. 


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