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Learn Spanish whilst on holiday in Galicia

Ribadeo birding

Spotless Starling

If you are looking for a self catering holiday in Galicia with the opportunity of seeing some great birds, then look no further. The area around Granero del Burro is a great place for birdwatching and if you know where to go you can usually come across some species that you would not see in the UK. During Spring and Autumn, the coastal spots usually turn up some unusual vagrants.

Honey Buzzard

This year was no exception. During the Summer months you can usually see Honey Buzzards around the barn and a pair of Red Backed Shrikes bred a couple of fields away. At the barn there were pairs of White Wagtails, Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Cirl Buntings breeding. You can always see Spotless Starlings, Yellow Legged Gulls, Fan Tailed Warblers, Sardinian Warblers and Rock Buntings in the area. We have resident Buzzards and Ravens, and on still Summer days the air is filled with the sounds of the Cuckoo and Turtle Doves

White Rumped Sandpiper

This Autumn was particularly good for unusual visitors with Pectoral Sandpiper, 4 White Rumped Sandpipers, Richard’s Pipit and Yellow Browed Warbler all been seen. Snow buntings have also been seen this Winter

You can have a look at the following websites to keep an eye on what has been seen recently. 

Aves de Villadún-Penarronda

Ría de Ribadeo

Ribadeo Birding

Birdwatching in Galicia

And while you are here if you would like to be taken on a guided tour of the birdwatching hotspots then this is possible. Just e mail us and I will be happy to do this


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