Exploring the Ribadeo estuary
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Las Catedrales beach, Galicia

Las Catedrales beach
Las Catedrales beach is the second most visited tourist attraction in Galicia after Santiago de Compostela. It is a few kilometres to the west of Ribadeo and is famous for the cathedral like arches that have been formed by centuries of being pounded by the sea. It is best visited at low tide when you can walk along the sand and see all the wonderful arches.
Las Catedrales beach 1
During late July and August it can be unbearably busy. This year the Police had to manage the queues down on to the beach. However, any other month of the year it is much quieter and is well worth a visit. When it is busy, a great option is to park at Esteiro beach. Click here for a map. Take the path on the left hand side of the beach and this takes you up on to the cliffs above Las Catedrales. From here you can get some great views of the arches and watch all the people below.
Esteiro beach
Sitting on top of the cliffs is a great place to take in the panoramic views along the coast. You can hear the waves crashing below and it can be a magical place at all times of the year. On a nice day you can take a picnic or alternatively have a drink and lunch in the restaurant above the beach. The food is good albeit a little expensive.
Las Catedrales 1

If you park in the main car park there is a nice boardwalk which takes you down a couple of the small peninsulas to the west of the beach. These are easy walking and are best at high tide when the waves are crashing on the rocks.
Lone cyclist
Las Catedrales beach is half an hour from Granero del Burro. If you go about 2.30pm when all the Spanish people go for lunch, you might catch the beach deserted. All the pictures above were taken on the same day!!
Laas Catedrales arch


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