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July 2013

Granero del Burro is finally finished

The final piece of the jigsaw is now in place with the hanging of a beautiful tapestry on the wall at the barn. In reality it is not a tapestry - it is a bedspread from the original house and is very old. It is made of silk and depicts several arabic hunting scenes. 
Tapestry 2
Outside the garden is progressing well. There is a mixture of flowers, herbs and vegetables, and all are benefitting from the recent warm weather. The wild flowers in the fields have also been spectacular this year.
On the coast road from Ribadeo to Barreiros, the flowers this year have been more impressive than ever. In particular the purple Loosestrife that grows in some of the marshy area has provided vast spreads of purple. There have also been several varieties of Orchid with a good number of Tongue Orchids next to the sea. Any time from early June to mid July is a good time to come to see these fantastic flowers.
Tongue orchid 001