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More pictures of the barn

Granero del burro (2)

Here are some more pictures of Granero del Burro. The outside areas are still not finished, but the pictures will give you an impression of what the barn and bread oven look like. It is a fantastic place to come and spend a self catering holiday or short break and the outdoor areas form an integral part of the holiday.

The barn and bread oven

The bread oven is just a few paces from the barn and is a great place to eat outside, relax or just take in the peace and quiet of the surroundings. There will be a patio heater in it as well as a permanent barbecue built in to the wall next to the eating area. It offers both sunshine and shade during the day, and a tranquil setting for an evening drink and a bit of star gazing.

Bread oven 1

Remember, if you want to book a self catering holiday or short break in Galicia, then you can take advantage of the Granero del Burro special opening offer. You can stay for a full week for €500 or take a short break for €85 per night. Click here to go to the availability and booking page. The barn opens on the 26th October 2012.

View of Granero del Burro

Granero del Burro is finished

Kitchen - Granero del Burro

Granero del Burro is now finished and you can see the first pictures of the finished product. For the observant, you will notice unfinished plug sockets and switches and in the bathrooms there are still slates to go on the floor in the shower areas. Mirrors need to be added to the bathrooms and lots of finishing touches will be added over the next six weeks. However the main part of the work is done and everything has been tested (and works!!).

Lounge - Granero del Burro

Work is still continuing outside with the landscaping and there will soon be pictures of the fantastic bread oven and outdoor eating area. Walls are being built, paths laid and a huge tidy up operation is going on. 

Granero del Burro at night

The UK television is installed so you can watch the BBC and ITV (Freesat) as well as Spanish television. The sound system is in place with a big iPod/iPhone docking station, and there is a sound bar to go with the 42'' Plasma TV. You can watch BluRay discs as well as listen to CD's.

Bedroom - Granero del Burro

Remember the barn opens for visitors on the 26th October so book now and take advantage of the special introductory offer of €500 for a week or €85 per night. You could be one of the first people to experience this luxury development in rural Galicia.

Bathroom - Granero del Burro