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July 2012

The front door is in!!!


Finally the front door has been installed at Granero del Burro. It resembles something you are more likely to find attached to the front of a church but it will serve a purpose!! It even has a huge key!! The internal doors will be in the same style, hopefully giving the barn a nice rustic feel. 

Satellite dish

Jodrell Bank has also been installed. For all those who need their fix of the BBC or ITV, there is now a 2.4 metre satellite dish to beam this in to the barn. There will of course be Spanish TV available as well. The dish has been hidden in a well in the ground so as not to spoil the local countryside!!

Bread oven

Outside the work on the Bread Oven is progressing nicely. This will be a fantastic outside space where you can eat and drink. there will be a terrace in front of it and a barbecue as well. It will be lit so it will be a nice space at night too. Are you tempted to book yet!!? Remember there is a special offer at the moment. Click here to read about it.

Granero del Burro update - July 2012


The kitchen and stairs have now been installed in Granero del Burro. The kitchen is very modern and comes from a company called The Singular Kitchen in A Coruña. It has a special surface called Techlan which is extremely hard and highly resistent to heat. It has a hob, grill plate, oven, microwave, dishwasher, 2 sinks and a work surface rubbish bin. There is also a huge amount of storage space.


The stairs have also been installed. They come from a company in Barcelona that is called Servitja. They are made of steel and will have wooden steps. The bannisters were also manufactured by the same company. They look fantastic!! They also weigh a ton!!

Stairs and bannister

This week the wooden floors are being installed. They are Oak but will be stained a dark colour to match the windows. Next week, the rest of the concrete flooring is being poured ready for polishing. The painter has started his work and the majority of the barn is now painted. Next week the plumber starts putting in the sanitary ware.

Kitchen and stairs

Remember Granero del Burro is available from the 22nd October. It is the ideal place for a luxury self catering holiday in Galicia, northern Spain. You can book online here.