New restaurant opens in Ribadeo, Galicia
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Tapas week in Ribadeo, Galicia, 2012

Tapas booklet

Last week was the 7th year of the annual tapas week in Ribadeo. 51 bars and restaurants participated this year and the winner was La Dorada with a Beef roll in a Pistachio sauce. All tapas were €1.30 each. You can have a look at all the establishments involved and their offerings here

Tapas stamp card

As with each year, there is a card that goes with the week. Each tapa that you buy entitles you to a stamp from that bar or restaurant. If you get 21 or more then you can vote for your favourite tapa. The event was over 10 days this year so you need to have 5 tapas per day if you are to taste them all. If you manage all 51 then your card is entered in a draw for some good prizes!! Have a look here for last year's Ribadeo Tapeo.

If you are planning a trip to Galicia next year for a self catering holiday, tapas week is during May. Next year it should be at the beginning of May.


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