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Las catedrales

Cathedrals beach or las Catedrales is probably the most famous beach in Northern Galicia. It is about half an hour from Granero del Burro and is situated about 10 kilometres to the west of Ribadeo. It has been declared a Natural monument by the government of Galicia.

Cathedrals beach

It is characterised by it natural arches and caves and is worth visiting at both low and high tide. At low tide you can walk down the steps and wander along the beach. There are lots of caves to explore and you can see the famous percebes (goose barnacles) clinging to the seaward facing side of the rocks. At high tide, and particularly when there is a big swell, it is fun watching the waves crashing onto the rocks.

Waves at Cathedrals beach

There is a very nice wooden boardwalk which snakes along the coast. You can walk down to some of the rock formations jutting out into the sea and watch the waves crashing onto the rocks. There are also some nice views along the coast to the Barreiros beaches. When you have finished your walk you can have a coffee or beer in the cafe or lunch in the restaurant. It is very busy on Sundays in the Summer!!


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