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February 2012

Carnaval 2012 in Ribadeo, Galicia

Carnaval Ribadeo 2012

February once again saw all the festivities surrounding Carnaval which taked place on Shrove Tuesday. As always , the weekend before, everyone goes out dressed up and this year was no exception. The Saturday night in Ribadeo was exceptionally busy with more folk than ever dressed up. There was a Marilyn Monroe, pirates, men in drag, firewomen, mediaeval men and women, animals and lots more.

Carnaval parade

At the weekend there is also a huge parade for people of all ages in Foz which is along the coast to the west from Ribadeo. The self catering accommodation at Granero del Burro is a great base from which to enjoy all the festivities of Carnaval.

Carnaval 2012

The Parade in Ribadeo was bigger than in previous years and the weather was once again kind. There were people of all ages from the toddlers dressed up as the seven dwarves to the more senior folk in the charrangas (musical groups). These are a few selected pictures of the parade.


And here are 2 of the pesky dwarves!!!