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January 2012

Self catering holidays in Galicia, Northern Spain


The nice thing about a self catering holiday in Galicia, Northern Spain, is that you can come here at any time during the year and find something to do. Take today for example. 15 degrees, beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and views to die for. Granero del Burro is open all year round so you can take advantage of a self catering break whenever you want.

Ribadeo (3)

Ribadeo in the sunshine is a beautiful place and only 20 minutes from Granero del burro. It has a nice marina where you can walk or sit and watch the world go by, as well as great views across the estuary (riá de Eo) to Figueras and Castropol. Figueras is unique in that it has a ship building business located there. The shipyard is almost as big as the village!

Ribadeo (2)

Ribadeo town itself is split into two - the old part and the more modern part. The main square and the back streets down to the port are well worth a visit and have lots of old and beautiful buildings. The Town Hall (ayuntamiento) is also a nice old building and is next to the beautiful, but decaying, Torre de los Morenos. It is being restored at the moment.

Ribadeo (5)

Stop for a coffee in the square before having a wander round the streets and a look in the shops (there are plenty). You can have a drink in one of the 60 or so bars in the town and there are plenty of places for lunch or dinner. La botellería is a very nice place to try for lunch or dinner (closed on Mondays).

Town Hall in Ribadeo

A few days ago on the 6th January it was Reyes Magos - the three kings. This is when people give each other their Christmas presents (traditionally) in Spain. On the evening before there are parades in towns and cities when the Three Kings are paraded through the streets on floats. People on the floats throw sweets into the street for the children. It is normally a mad frenzy of sweet hungry kids!! There was a nice parade in Ribadeo this year with music and decorated floats. You can take your holiday to coincide with this if you want.

Reyes Magos 5th January 2012 (6)

Los Arándanos Restaurant - near Teixois, Asturias

Los Arandanos

Los Arándanos is a wonderful restaurant in the Asturian countryside near Taramundi. It is about a half hours drive from the self catering accommodation at Granero del burro. If you like remote restaurants with fantastic views then this is the place to go. From Taramundi take the road to Teixois, and then take a right up the hill before you get to Teixois. Climb up the hill for several kilometres and then take a left up a track to the top of the hill. The restaurant is as high as you can go! Click here for directions.

Los Arandanos Restaurant

Los Arándanos means 'Blueberry' and as the name suggests the restaurant focuses very much on this. They have 10,000 square metres of land in which they grow five different varieties of Blueberry. They also manufacture their own products from Blueberry juice to jams and pickles. 

The food is fantastic and needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Click here to read a review of the meal experienced a few weeks ago.

Los Arándanos is closed from the middle of December until Easter but will open for large parties.