Walking in Asturias - Pesoz
Corpus Christi flower carpets in Castropol, Asturias

Gijon - Asturias

San Lorenzo beach - Gijon
If you are visiting Northern Spain then a place not to miss is the largest city in Asturias - Gijon. It is nearly 2 hours from the luxury self catering accommodation at Granero del burro, near Trabada, but if you are flying to Asturias airport then it is only half an hour from there. You could always stay there overnight on your way in or out of Northern Spain.

A nice hotel to stay in is the Hotel Arena at the eastern end of the playa San Lorenzo. This is the huge beach right in the centre of Gijon and it stretches for what seems like miles! There is a promenade which stretches the whole length of the beach so you can walk, run, skateboard, cycle or rollerblade on the special track for non walkers! The beach ends at Cimavilla which is the old town of Gijon.

Elogio del Horiconte

If you walk up the hill through the old town you come across the well known  sculpture “Elogio del Horiconte” from Eduardo Chillida. It is an impressive concrete structure. There are also the remnants of defense batteries dating back to the 1870's. The views of the city from here are fantastic. A couple of good restaurants in Cimavilla are La Galana, next to the Plaza Mayor, and La Mar de Bien, which is up the hill a bit.

At the other end of San Lorenzo beach it is a bit quieter and a bit more modern. There is a wonderful path that snakes around the rocky coastline for miles and you pass an impressive sculpture called 'La madre de los inmigrantes'. There is also a nice bar called Tostadero which has great comfy seats for relaxing in!

La madre de los inmigrantes - Gijon

If you manage to survive all this then another place worth a visit are the Botanical Gardens. They are very impressive with 4 main gardens. There is a nice place to eat, a plant shop, and several miles of pathways through beautiful natural woodlands and gardens. There is something to see at all times of the year.



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