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Property for sale in Galicia, Spain

Property for sale in Galicia
This beautiful property in Trabadela near Trabada is up for sale. It sits in 45,000 square metres of beautiful land which consists of open fields, an orchard, a steep hillside, a wonderful Trout river and mixed woodland. The river has a small waterfall and a plunge pool for Summer swimming. It is a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to establish a self sufficient lifestyle in the beautiful Galician countryside.


The house itself is reached by a single track road which crosses the river (twice). The road and 2 bridges are the responsibility of the Council to maintain. There is a 2 storey house which had the roof completely replaced 2 years ago. The inside of the roof (wood) was designed to be exposed as a cathedral ceiling. There are 2 floors each of about 90 square metres which need completely restoring. The owner is looking for offers in the region of €200,000. Have a look here for full details.

Trabadela land

Update on barn progress

Granero del burro
The creation of the luxury self catering accommodation in North Spain is still going according to plan and there is now a building with a roof on it as well as a first floor. The new roof was completed this week with the addition of four extraction chimneys - for the wood burning stove, kitchen and two bathrooms. The new wall has also been completed and sandblasted to match it with the original wall.

Granero roof

Inside the first floor is complete and you can see where the lounge and bedroom will be. You can compare the actual with the artists impressions here. The final internal plans are being agreed next week and so it is hoped to continue the works at the beginning of June. This then gives enough time to finish the job and prepare for opening in January 2012.

Granero - inside

Fiesta season has started in Galicia

Fiesta de primavera
People tend to associate Spanish fiestas with the Summer but they are well under way in Galicia already. There was the first big one of the year at the third week in April with the local carpark being turned into a big festival site. There was free Paella and a well known group called Panorama were the main attraction. As always things went on well into the night. This one finished early at 4.00am!!!

Vilaselan fiesta (4)
Last weekend on Sunday night, it was Panorama once again with another group called Jerusalen. The venue this time was a village on the outskirts of Ribadeo called Vilaselan. This is only half an hour from Granero del burro so could form the evenings entertainment if you were staying there on holiday. This is a very popular fiesta and goes on all night - literally!!

Ribadeo tapas week - 2011

Pizzbur tapa
This is the 6th year that Ribadeo has held its Tapas week and this year saw 54 bars participate. Have a look at last year's Ribadeo Tapeo report here.

The format was the same as last year. Each bar creates its own tapa which you can buy for 1 Euro. They are an absolute bargain as many of them are gastronomic delights. You can go out, eat three or four of them, and that is lunch or dinner. There is a competition between the bars and this years winner was called Solana in the port area of Ribadeo. It also has a fantstic restaurant.

Tapa sheet with stamps

The public can also enter a draw for a prize, but to qualify this year you needed to taste a least 25 tapas during the 8 days. We managed 35!!! Each bar gives you a stamp to verify that you have bought a tapa!!!

Last year, it was the last week in May. This year was from 30th April until 8th May. It would be worth coming for a holiday in Granero del burro during this week - it would save on the cooking!!

Rinlo and its fantastic restaurants

Rinlo is a fantastic little village about half an hour from Granero del burro. It sits on the rocky coastline between Ribadeo and Foz and is not dissimilar to some of the little villages on the north east coast of England around Robin Hood's Bay. There is nothing much to it really - a village of rustic houses, one road, a very narrow bridge, and 4 bar/restaurants.

View from Rinlo

The Cofradia is the most famous restaurant of these serving its speciality of the region - arroz caldoso de marisco. This is a type of liquidy risotto with Lobster and other Shellfish which is divine. You don't need to eat for days afterwards. Try the Pazo do Mar white wine with it.

Portillo is next to the Cofradia and is very small. It has no distinguishing features from the outside and inside has just a few wooden tables. However the welcome is great and the food even better. Their speciality is 'zamburinas' or Queenie Scallops cooked in their shell with a bit of Olive Oil. Their grilled jumbo Prawns are also worth trying.

A Mirandilla is the third bar/restaurant in the village. This has a nice area to sit outside and also serves good zamburinas. Their 'patatas bravas' are also well worth a try.

At the top of the village is Porto de Rinlo. This is a very nice place with a covered area outside. It also has some very simple, but comfortable bedrooms, all on the ground floor. The food is simple but very tasty and Ivan, the owner is very friendly. He might also try out his English on you!!

In addition to these fantastic eateries, you can walk along the spectacular coast very easily. There is a boardwalk in the village and the small coast road runs right along the cliff tops. It is a must place to visit on any trip to the area.