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Carnaval 2011 in Ribadeo, Galicia, Spain

Carnaval - Ribadeo 
This week has been Carnaval week in Spain with the main parades taking place over last weekend and Monday and Tuesday. It is Spain's equivalent of Mardi Gras and always takes place 40 days before Easter. On the Tuesday each year (Shrove Tuesday) Ribadeo has its main parade and this year was bigger and better than ever. All ages can take part and there are cash prizes for the winners.


Carnaval - Charanga 
There are lots of charangas - groups that wear elegant costumes and play the kazoo. They take part in the parade as well as popping up all over the place playing their tunes. It is great to see kids of five mixing with adults of a bit more than five!! There is also a prize for the best charanga.

Carnaval - winner 
The lady in the picture above won the prize for the best fancy dress. She has a habit of winning every year but puts in a lot of effort to create her outfits. Apparently her mother is a big influence in deciding what she wears!!!

Carnaval - 5th March 
On the Saturday and Monday before Carnaval, people take the opportunity to go out dressed up and all the staff in the bars and restaurants do the same. Pica, one of the bars in Ribadeo was no exception with the staff dressing up as Romans. Last year they were all pirates! Click here to see photos of last years Carnaval.

Carnaval - sheep fancy dressThere is a big procession in Foz on the Saturday and also in Tapia de Casariego on the Sunday. You can see all of these if you are on a self catering holiday in Galicia staying at Granero del Burro. The official Carnaval Day is Shrove Tuesday so you can plan your trip well ahead.