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Ribadeo de tapeo

Tapas stamp sheet
Ribadeo (Galicia, North Spain) has just finished its 5th Tapas week - and 49 bars took part in it. If you click here you can read about it in Galician!! Click here for a translation website so you can read it in English.If you are planning a holiday in 2011 then it would be a great idea to arrange it during this week. It is usually the last week in May.

It is a very simple format. 49 bars in and around Ribadeo offered a special tapa in their establishment. Each one cost one euro! So you could have a great lunch or evening out with a few glasses of wine and a few tapas. No need to do any cooking or buy expensive dinners out. There was a booklet giving details of all the participating bars and what they were offering. There was also a prize for the best tapa. You also had a sheet which you got stamped in each bar you tasted a tapa. If you collected 21 stamps then you could enter a draw for a free holiday. What a great idea. Surely this could be done in the UK?