So what did we buy?
Renovation work starts

The pork wardrobe and the Gin bottle

The house was basically abandoned 10 years ago, so when we bought it, things were just as the owners had left them. Beds were made, wardrobes were full of clothes, kitchen cupboards had crockery, cutlery and glassware in them, drinks bottles were full and there was even toilet paper in the loo. Before we could start doing anything, all this stuff had to be cleared.

Gin bottle
A friend of ours came out with us last December to help us start this process and we made a couple of unexpected discoveries. Firstly there was the Gin bottle in the drinks cupboard. Have you ever seen this brand in a UK supermarket.

And then there was the pork wardrobe!!! Apparently it is common practice in the rural areas of northern Spain to keep your hams in a proper cupboard which allows them to 'breathe' Unfortunately, these hams were at least 10 years old and the only thing feasting on them in those years were the maggots. This room became known as the 'pork room' and has terrified various visitors over the past year!!

Pork wardrobe


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