Self catering holidays in Galicia - 2019 prices and availability at Granero del Burro


If you are looking for a self catering holiday in Galicia, Northern Spain, then why not spend it at Granero del Burro. The property is a restored Galician barn with 2 en suite bedrooms, sleeping a maximum of 4 persons. Outside there is an original bread oven that you can use for eating 'al fresco' or having a drink. The views from the barn are interesting and there is a general peace and quiet in the valley that allows you to relax totally. Combine this with its proximity to Ribadeo and the Galician and Asturian coast and you have the perfect base for an interesting holiday.


Pricing and availability is now available for 2019. Granero del Burro opens on 13th April and closes on 1st November. It is worth visiting at any time of year. In April there is Easter and the Cheese Fair in Taramundi. In May there is Tapas week in Ribadeo (which is now 10 days) with over 50 bars and restaurants participating. In June there are the flower carpets in Castropol and the huge agricultural fair in Vegadeo. In July there is the Indianos fiesta in Ribadeo as well as many other local fiestas. In August there is the Trabada fiesta (our local fiesta over 3 days) and normally the best beach weather. In September it is quieter and you can do everything you can do in Summer but on your own. In October there is the big San Lucas fiesta in Mondoñedo and lots of events around the picking of the Chestnuts. Add to this the wonderful gastronomy. walking, birdwatching, history and city visits that you can experience during any month and you have a great base from which to explore Galicia and Asturias.


If you are travelling by air, then there are Ryanair flights from Stansted to Santiago de Compostela (1 hour 45 minutes away). Other airports are Asturias (1 hour 10 minutes), Santander (3 hours) or Bilbao (4 hours). The A8 motorway is now complete so travelling by road to us is very easy ....... and quiet! If You arrive by ferry then this will be in Santander or Bilbao. Or you can drive all the way - the French border is only 6 hours away and Portugal is only 3 hours the other way.







Granero del Burro in October


Granero del Burro is a bit different in October. Historically, October is a month of good weather so you can take advantage of this to do lots of things without the Summer crowds. You can also use the outside area of the barn in a different way. You can light the bread oven (wood supplied) and have a glass of wine or a beer whilst being toasty warm. There is also a patio heater. Inside the barn there is under floor heating upstairs and downstairs as well as a wood burning stove. We will even do you a 'Queimada' with the witches chant in English, Spanish or Galician!!


In October it is the fiesta de San Lucas in Mondoñedo. This year the dates are the 17th until the 21st October. It is a huge fiesta with an big market selling everything you could wish for as well as tents for eating in, lots of music and a special day with a horse and donkey market. This year the main day is the 18th October. This year the groups playing include Panorama, Paris de Noia and Palladium. Have a look here for more information.


At this time of year all the restaurants are open and there is wonderful food, the beaches are deserted, you can  visit the famous Las Catedrales beach and there is great walking. It is worth visiting this corner of Galicia just to relax and unwind.


Ruta del ferrocarril - A Pontenova to San Tirso de Abres


If you are staying at Granero del Burro and want an easy, but interesting walk, then this is the perfect answer. You can make it as long or short as you want but the full distance between San Tirso de Abres and A Pontenova is 12 kilometres (so 24km there and back). It follows the route of the old railway line that opened in 1905. It used to take the iron ore from the mines near A Pontenova to be loaded on to the boats in Ribadeo. You can still see the 'cargadero' in Ribadeo. 


The walk follows the course of the River Eo and has 6km in Asturias and then 6km in Galicia. If you walk the full distance, you go through six tunnels which are lit by lights powered by solar panels. They vary in length from 60 to 230 metres and are great fun! It is best to start in San Tirso and you can park by the bridge that crosses the river. If you don't want to walk, then you can always hire a bike and cycle the route. Bikes can be hired from Eo Activo which is just by the car park.


The walk (or bike ride) is easy as it is flat and a good surface. Towards A Pontenova it become tarmac. There is a Salmon Ladder along the route as well as a couple of suspension bridges, a canal (the opposite side of the river) and a small Hydro electric power station. If you are tired when you have finished then you can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool in San Tirso, which is free. It is open in July and August.


Gastronomic fiesta of 'enfariñada' - Trabada


On Sunday 6th May, a new fiesta took place in Trabada. It was designed to celebrate a local speciality called 'enfariñada'. Enfariñada is a pancake like mixture of eggs, flour, salt and water which is poured into hot oil in a frying pan. As it starts to set, it is then chopped up into tiny pieces so that it can be eaten in a bowl with either bacon (savoury) or with honey (sweet). 


The ladies of the village lined up behind their cooking stoves and prepared the enfariñada from midday onwards. It was a beautiful day and as the people arrived in their hundreds, they just kept cooking and cooking and cooking. They were still cooking at 4 o'clock in the afternoon! For 4€, you got a special pottery bowl full of sweet or savoury enfariñada.


There was traditional Galician music while people were arriving and eating and then later in the afternoon, there was a 'fado' duo. This music is typical in Portugal and was beautiful on a sunny Spring afternoon. All in all a very successful 'new' fiesta. For more photos of the day have a look here



23rd Cheese Fair - Taramundi


At Easter every year, there is a Cheese Fair in Taramundi. Taramundi is about a 30 minute drive from Granero del Burro so it makes a good day out. There are lots of stall holders all with their own cheeses and you can buy as much or as little as you want. If you buy anything, you get a raffle ticket which enters you in the grand draw for huge hampers. 


In addition to cheese, you can buy cider and specialist knives. Nearly all the produce is from Asturias which is the neighbouring autonomous region to Galicia. Taramundi is famous for its knives and has a knife museum.


It is a very busy day in Taramundi but you can always find somewhere to have lunch. Casa Paulino is worth trying as is the Hotel Taramundi. If you don't fancy lunch, have a drink before going back to see if you have won one of the hampers when the lottery is drawn at 2.00pm


Self catering holiday in Galicia - May special offer


If you come and stay with us any time between the 28th April and the 1st June, you can take advantage of our May special offer. Stay for 7 nights for 495€ or for 75€ per night (minimum 3 night stay). This is when Galicia is at its best with all the Spring flowers in bloom, nice warm weather (usually), very few tourists and deserted beaches.


The flowers along the coast are fantastic at this time of year with Orchids and many other wild flowers on show. Catch the unique Tongue Orchid at the side of the road near Rinlo. There is also the Tapas week in Ribadeo which this year runs from the 11th to 20th May. With over 50 participating bars and restaurants it is great fun trying out all the different tapas in each place. They cost 1.30€ each and 3 or 4 are enough for a nice lunch!


It is a nice time to stay at the barn and enjoy evening drinks out in the bread oven. Listen to the Cuckoo and Turtle Doves in the valley and watch the Honey Buzzards flying overhead. If you want to book, just click on the availability, prices and booking at the top of the page. 


Villaronta - Ribadeo


Villaronta is a restaurant in Ribadeo which has become famous for its Octopus. It serves it in the traditional Galician style which is boiled, cut and served on a wooden platter with oil and Cayenne Pepper. It has recently been completely renovated and extended. It is open all year.


In addition to the Octopus on the menu, there are Queenie Scallops in their shells, Shellfish croquettes, Mussels, baby Squid and 'big' Squid. It is very informal and you would order dishes to share. That way you get to taste a bit of everything. 


Granero del Burro - 2018 pricing

6th March - 23rd March                 €495 per week            €75 per night

24th March - 6th April                   €530 per week            €80 per night

7th April - 27th April                     €495 per week            €75 per night

28th April - 1st June                     €565 per week            €85 per night

2nd June - 29th June                    €670 per week            €100 per night

30th June - 31st August                €740 per week            €110 per night

1st September - 28th September   €670 per week            €100 per night

29th September - 2nd November   €595 per week            €85 per night


Stays are for a minimum of 4 nights and for a maximum of 4 people including children over the age of 12

To check availability, click here

Pazo de Tovar restaurant


The Pazo de Tovar restaurant is just outside Vilanova de Lourenzá and is about 15 minutes from Granero del Burro. It is open from Easter until the end of October. It is set in the Fortaleza de Tovar which has been restored. There are still 3 of the 4 towers remaining. You can take a guided tour around the fortress which lasts about an hour - it is well worth it and is a good way to work lunch off! The food is fantastic and varies day by day. If there is anything you particularly want, then just ask for it when you book. They can cater for small or large groups, as well as private parties. There is also a small shop where you can buy souvenirs. It is well worth the day out especially if you want to celebrate something.